Zuzanna Janczak, or simply Zu – founder and designer of ZuArt

Her sewing adventure in chlidren’s soft toys began by accident when her son Krzysztof was born. It was thanks to him that she began to create unique and beautiful toys thatcouldn’t be found in stores.

Many years later, in 2010, ZuArt was founded – a company dealing with unique, one-of-a-kind soft toys for children. A funny thing is that, over time, it turned out that the vast majority of her toys is bought by adults, who also share an extremely positive feedback.
Buying a handmade toy is a guarantee of receiving the highest quality product, perfect for a gift!

ZuArtu plush mascots can be distinguished by their uniqueness, details, hand-made craft and high quality materials. All the unique creatures that have been created, come from her imagination.

You can’t grow out of your imagination.



All elements of ZuArt toys are of highest quality, the materials and furs are all eco-friendly with “Human friendly” certificate of the Textile Institute, the soft mascot filling is allergy-friendly, and the eyes that give animals their unique character are imported all the way from the USA .

The company of Zuzanna Janczak has been written about many times in the press and the Internet

ZuArt has been written about many times in the press and on the Internet, along with Zuzanna’s Plush gang who also visited many TV programs.

Zu was telling about her company, her nice Monsters and how it all started in “Dzien Dobry TVN” program, hosted by Marcin Prokop and Dorota Wellman. The TVN team also made a great material about Zuzanna’s art studio.

In ” Pytanie na śniadanie” program, Zu told the host, Jacek Rozenk, why friendship with the childhood monster can have a good effect on the child.

In “Gala” magazine you could find material about Zu and her “plush passion“.

In “Claudia”, there was an article about the Monster Family, and how Zu’s passion for making toys has become a real business.