Before buying

Before buying

Are the toys available off-the-shelf?

Most of the toys available in the store are sent straight away. Remember, however, that ZuArt toys are art products. Each mascot is hand-made and with the greatest care by the artist, Zuzanna Janczak, which takes many hours of work and very often prepared at the individual request of the client. Therefore, the order time can be from three to seven days – we hope you understand and in such case patiently wait for us to contact you by phone or email.

Each toy is different

All ZuArt toys are made in short series – a few, up to a dozen of mascots, each with a different finish – may differ in eye color, size of ears, horns and of course (as Zu points out) facial expression. The ordered mascot may differ slightly from the original shown in the photo, so if you have any doubts or special wishes, please contact us by email – we will be happy to answer all your enquiries.

And what if the toy is not available?

Most of them are not available due to the lack of the right material. Zu uses very good quality furs, which come from all over Poland and from abroad. To order a monster in a different color version, please email us, Zu will be happy to help you create a new, beautiful monster! Maybe it will be even nicer than the one in the image Have fun! 

Have fun! Invent! Use your imagination! Create your own monster 🙂

We encourage you to customize your toys – you can apply a name of the new owner on it, change the eye color, add an extra pair of horns or wings, which can make the gift even more unique.

Nothing is more exciting to Zuzanna than a new, interesting challenge – she got orders for HedgeFoxes, capybaras and iguanas. Often, she also receives drawings according to which she performs orders by preparing individual, one-of-a-kind mascots. See examples of such projects in the special orders tab. To find out more or to order a custom mascot please contact us.

Complaints and returns

  1. Within fifteen days of collecting the ordered plushie, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons, according to the general rules resulting from the provisions on the conclusion of distance contracts.
  2. Please return the product on the following address: ZUART – Zuzanna Janczak. 96-320 Kaczków, Słoneczna 21
  3. At the same time, please inform the Store about the intention to return the product via e-mail:
  4. The maximum refund period is 14 days.
  5. The money will be refunded to the indicated customer account.
  1. In the event of non-compliance of the product with the contract, a letter stating non-conformity and expectations regarding the manner of fulfilling the obligation should be sent to the Seller’s address: with the title “Complaint”;
  2. The soft toys offered in the store have a manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. The maximum time for handling complaints is 14 days. After a positive consideration of the complaint, in the inability to replace or repair the faulty product, the customer will receive a money refund to the indicated account.