For companies

ZuArt offers a full service including design, handicraft and delivery of company mascots, as well as custom-made mascots – according to design, drawing or logotype.

Below we present various projects of ZuArt. If you are interested in cooperation, please email us, we will quote each order individually and propose a solution suitable to your needs.

Lulo the Cat

Lulo is a puppet created for MrYapa, for the needs of the Youtube program titled “Yapa and Lulo”. The cat is worked one hand by an actor hidden before the camera’s eye.

You can see Lulo in action HERE

Warning, a program for adult viewers!


Nocnitsa (Night hag) was ordered to promote the “BestiariuszSłowiański”. Nocnitsa usually attacks at night. These demons led the drunkards astray and pushed them into the muddy ditches and danced around them!

The Nocnitsa project was made on the basis of book illustration from “Bestiariusz”, and according to creature description.


Doguin, is a character created by the satirical drawing artist Andrzeja Milewskiego, known as Andrzej Rysuje. ( )

Doguin was based on Andrzej’s drawings and now, together with its owner, they are travelling and having adventures, which are documented on Instagram @andrzejrysuje


The dormouse mascot promotes saving dormice that are becoming extinct in Poland.

Project based on photos of a dormouse.


Special order for the “Mimbla” store, which was named after it.

Mimbla is a character from the “Moomins” by ToveJansson and is the older sister of Little Mi. The project was created on the basis of original illustrations from book series.

You can admire her at the store’s window, visit Mokotowska 51/53 in Warsaw!


Zu has extensive experience in sewing large stage costumes and company’s mascot costumes.

The outfits are comfortable, practical and fully functional.

Below photos of Pink Panther, Gorilla and Reggae Parrot!