At ZuArt, we love all our monsters. 

Our 10 favorite monsters 

We recommend all beautiful ZuArt plush mascots!


Orange Antek

Funny Antek mascots are very pleasant and funny creatures. They come in all colors and variations, with its long hairy back to protect them from cold! Every Antek has a small squeaky friend who lives in his mouth – sealed by a ZIP.


Big blue cat

A big plush cat, created by Zu was inspired by Cheeshire cat from “Alice in Wonderland”. The plushie is smiling so much that sometimes only the smile can be noticed! The cat is
huge, it is about 90 cm long and it makes a perfect pillow 🙂


Princess Pirlipata

The large Pirlipata plush toy is a great gift idea for a girl! Romantic and beautiful. A wonderful companion for small princesses (and big ones too!). The ballet skirt is made of delicate tulle.



Pipistrello is a bat in Italian. This plush toy is one of Zu’s favorites, and one of the
first mascots she made. It brings luck in travel and is perfect for a gift not only for children, but above all for travelers. Feel invited on our blog and visit “Adventures of Pipistrello”, where we post photos of Pipi from distant voyages. If you are an Instagram check out the @signorpipistrello profile, where Pipi personally uploads photos from trips with friends 🙂



Harold a one-of-a-kind plushie that can’t stay long in one place. No way you will be bored in its presence!



Big stuffed Gwidon is a fantastic gift idea. Gwidons are very caring and loving creatures – each of them has five little Creatures that it takes care of. Gwidon often puts them in its mouth for safe keeping! Each of them has a different set of Creatures and may differ from those in the images, mind that when adopting Gwidon 🙂



A large plushie mascot for birthday. Thanks to versatile blue color, Rufus is often chosen as a mascot for both – boy & girl. We love him for its adorable expression of the mouth.


Floozy the Socks Thief

Cuddly Floozy was created when Zu was once asked to create a monster which lives in a
washing machine and steals all the single socks – here it is! 

In a classic red color. Perfect for an original gift for a boy or a girl!


The blue Poor Thing

In the color of summer sky, but ideal for hugging on long autumn evenings.

It’s very loving and friendly, but it needs a lot of cuddling and tenderness. Thanks to it, you can meet many new friends. Ideal companion for quiet and shy people.




Moth, as a night creature, is a perfect
companion for night owls. In each there is a hidden wire, so you can set its feet freely. We recommend it especially to romantics.